Our Drive

Our vision got us started in building great systems that expand human potential in decision-making. We do this by leveraging the technologies of today to empower the decision-making of tomorrow through groundbreaking innovation, fanatic discipline, impartial Creativity, and productive paranoia.


What Can It Do For You

Cognier Technology AI Decision Engine can help you mitigate risk and increase operational efficiency in all areas of your business.

It's Time for New Smarter Business Intelligence

Love that your business decision arrives on your desktop and mobile app ready for you to hit accept and watch the AI spring into action.


For Marketers & Sales Team

Bring a whole new understanding of your consumers' journey and marketing spend to the forefront. No need to data explore-just plug and wait for action.

Cognier Technology Impact

Social services

Cognier Technology is helping to strengthen and extend social safety nets by addressing some of the key challenges that typically impede provision and delivery, such as data inaccessibility, complexity and the rate of caseworker churn.


The growing human impact on our natural world is galvanizing nations, organizations and citizens to come together to protect the environment for future generations.


The broad vision of augmented intelligence is ideally suited to transform global education—not only formal education, but also learning that takes place outside of the classroom.

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